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Letters from children

A Charming Bracelet

Children at a Pacific Jewels Charm Bracelet Party

"An adorable girls party is to make charm bracelets - 'A Charming Party' is any girl's dream (and many adults too!) boxes of sparkly, endless charms that she shows you how to make into bracelets is a joy to see. My daughter loved it - she crammed a bracelet with more charms than you can imagine and we both share wearing it...!! In my view a perfect party for girls!" Emma Forbes

The first and still the best! Since 2004, we have been hosting charm-bracelet making parties. This unique party idea is the ideal way to be creative, and fashionable at the same time.

Children at a Pacific Jewels Charm Bracelet Party The bracelets are silver-plated, and nickel-free, and we have a fantastic selection of every charm imaginable.

Children at a Pacific Jewels Charm Bracelet Party You won't even need a party bag! Everyone will go home with their own charm bracelet in pouch, and a certificate to record their achievement!

The recommended age group is from six years old to any age, for minimum 8 people, and we can also cater for larger parties.
Please ask for details: 07980 547470

Thank you for making my daughter's birthday party so memorable. Her class of 20 girls aged 9 and 10 enjoyed themselves so much, creating the most wonderful charm bracelets from the best selection of charms. They were gripped and with your help they all took home beautiful bracelets that they will enjoy for many years to come - a truly memorable time was had by all.
Melanie, London

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